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Off-Road Dumper Trailer
Off-Road Dumper
Liner Installation
Off-Road Dumper Trailer
We supply truck liners to transport and civil contractors in the Lower North Island.

Eliminate sticking, reduce costs, reduce wear and make your dump loads easier with our Super- Slide plastic truck box liners.

By adding a Super-Slide liner to your tipper or dumper you’ll:

  • Increase safety by reducing the chances of twisting or tipping your trailer when dumping. With a lower tipping angle there is no fear of catching over-hanging power lines whilst spreading roading aggregates.
  • Save on wear and tear to sidewalls and reduce expenditure as you’ll eliminate dumping the clutch and hitting the brakes to release a load. Super – Slide eliminates hoist ram damage through trying to jar load off
  • Reduce dumping time therefore you are able to haul more loads per day
  • Full load every trip by having a clean box on each return trip

We have Super – Slide truck liners to suit all applications; from asphalt, sand, gravel, clay, dirt, coal, limestone to sludge and snow. Our Super – Slide truck liners can be installed into:

  • Trucks, end dumps, bottom dumpers, bins, hoppers, off road trucks, redi-mix plants, tandem trucks and conveyors.

In some instances, we are also able to offer on-site installation.

Tipping height without liner
Tipping height with liner

Customer comments:
“With the lower tipping height it reduces the risk of
Roll-overs on uneven ground.”

Dave Benefield
I.D. Loader Ltd

“By eliminating the carry-back it’s like having an extra
truck operating without the expenses.”
Bob Hicks
Bob Hick Earthmoving